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Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis

Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

Chiropractic Physician

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis


 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon!
Specials for You!
Break Through Your Stress and Pain

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2 Craniosacral Therapy Sessions **

$299 for both sessions (A $340 value)

(75 - minute sessions each)


Does This Describe You?


  •  Stressed and exhausted?

  • Headache, neck and body pain?

  • Anxiety and tension you can't get away from?

          Find peace and relief today...



Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle soft-touch non-invasive therapy using about the weight of a nickel, that soothes and releases tensions, restrictions in your body caused by physical, emotional, traumatic events and gives you deep relaxation and a powerful sense of peace.


I love this work because of how it has helped me, I knew it would help you too. I wanted to share it with the world.


You owe it to yourself to bring deep relaxation and peace into your life.  Stress is taking its toll on everyone. Reward yourself. 

This package makes a fabulous gift as well. 

Gain Peace.  
Very Special Healing Packages to help free you
and those you love and care for,
from  pain and stress. 

 2 - Reiki Relax and Release Sessions**

$175 (A $200 value) - one-hour sessions each.

  • Reiki is soothing and calming.

  • It allows your stresses to release 

  • Brings balance to create a deep sense of healing and peace for you



Try it! You will be incredibly surprised how calm you will feel after your session. Reiki's powerful effect helps you heal old deep traumas and take you into new areas of your life.

Also makes an excellent gift package

for you or your loved one

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Acupuncture Session 3-Pack **

  $297  (A $330 Value)

  • Excellent package for colds, flu

  • Also excellent for a good tune-up

                (Herbs are not included if you need them.)




Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a 3,000 year old medical system for helping many 'modern' western health problems, aiding pain relief, moving blocked energy and promoting good health.

I am always available to answer

your questions about my therapies.   

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**Please note:  these specials must be used within one month of purchase to remain valid. Scheduling is requested at the time of purchase to ensure your time.

Most benefit is had by scheduling this way.

Not transferable for cash, product, or exchanged.

All purchases final. No refunds issued.


2024 Dr. J Susanne Davis

The Lotus Center for Healing






62 N. Stapley Road

Mesa, AZ  85203




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