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Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis

Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

Chiropractic Physician

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis


Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine:

Q:  Do acupuncture needles hurt and are they re-used?

A:  Needling generally produces a pressure sensation.  Needles are never re-used at the Lotus Center for Healing.  They are disposed of according to health standard regulations.


Q:  Why do we use the points we use?

A:  Each point is meant to do a specific thing.  Some points do many things in different ways when combined with other points, kind of like a recipe.  After a diagnosis is made, point combinations can be chosen that will most benefit you.


Q:  How deep do needles go in?  Do they hit nerves?

A:  Acupuncture needles go into the skin a fraction of an inch, until we feel a slight pushing back. This tells us we have reached the Qi in that point.  We do not 'hit' nerves, puncture arteries or veins when needling.


Q:  How long will it take to get relief or health changes with acupuncture?

A:  Generally, if your problem is acute (just happened), you may requre less time to be well.  If you have had a problem for awhile, chronic challenges take longer.   It is hard to predict, each person is very different.  Since Chinese medicine treats many more things than pain, it is possible to be seen and treated all your life for your health using Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is only a part of this medicine.  We also look at foods, lifestyle, medications, and extensive medical history. Herbs are an important part of Chinese medicine as well.

Craniosacral Therapy, Soft Tissue Chiropractic:

Q:  The touch is so light with Craniosacral therapy, how could it possibly help me?

A:  A strong pressure interfers with release of fascial restrictions when monitoring your cranial rhythm in looking for restrictions.  The light touch (about the weight of a nickel) is all that is necessary.  It's amazing how powerful this light touch is.  


Q:  What are you feeling for when you do soft tissue chiropractic?  I'm used to having my spine 'popped.' Isn't that necessary?

A:  There are many gentle soft-tissue chiropractic techniques.  They require a little more time to apply.  Just like Craniosacral therapy, the body responds very well to release when we use a softer approach.  As my patients have told me over the years, "Life beats me up enough!  I love the gentle therapies!"


Q:  You always start by 'listening' to my body with your hands on my shoulders or under my head.  What are you really doing?

A:  I am pausing and grounding myself, and allowing  my focus to blend with your energy.  I want to see what your body is telling me in stillness.  It is a very special time, actually.  You may be talking to me (although I prefer you relax into silence), but I am 'listening' through my hands for what is hurting, restricted and compensating for something else.  The body does not have 'isolated' problems, every cell is united with every other cell.  It's all one magnificent creation.  

2023 Dr. J. Susanne Davis

The Lotus Center for Healing






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