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Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis

Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

Chiropractic Physician

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis


My work is based on compassion because I believe

it is possible to reach out and help those who hurt,

to lessen the pain and suffering in this world.

Summary of Dr. Sue's Education and Background:


  • Doctor of Chiropractic-Diplomat of the National Board, Arizona licensed

  • Acupuncture certified -Arizona

  • Fellow - International Academy of Clinical (Medical) Acupuncture

  • CranioSacral Therapy advanced specialty - Upledger Institute

  • Visceral Manipulation advanced specialty - Upledger Institute

  • Lymphatic Drainage advanced specialty - Upledger Institute

  • Continuing Education Advanced Studies-Chinese ob/gyn, herbology, psychiatric disorders;  nutrition,  radiology, hormone analysis/ regulation

  • Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture

  • Second Level Usui Reiki

  • Bachelor of Arts/Biology-St. Ambrose University

  • Nationally Certified Paramedic/Preceptor-University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

  • Palmer College of Chiropractic

  • Dean/Associate Professor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine-adjunct massage faculty

  • Research-Biochemistry/Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine


 Papers, Articles, Books Written:

  • Four papers published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry and Archives of  Biochemistry and Biophysics.

  • Educational program content and competencies.

  • Contributing articles to various health magazines, newsletters, and herbal publications.


Professional Associations / Memberships:

  • International Association of Healthcare Practitioners


"I have been a satisfied client of Dr Sue for many years.  Recently I undertook the personal goal of running a marathon.  As such, I was plagued with injuries and chronic pain.  I sought help from both a physical therapist and Dr. Davis to alleviate the symptoms and make this venture successful.  Through her skill and vast knowledge she was able to trace the root of my pain and address many of my problem areas more successfully than the physical therapist.


In addition, I started battling a cold a few days before the race.  Her herbs and acupuncture treatment got me back on my feet before the race.  Without her care, I would not have been able to successfully complete this marathon goal. Dr. Davis has an extremely well rounded knowledge base.  She can help clients battle anything from the common cold to chronic pain.  I highly reccommended                       


"I recommend Dr. Sue.  She specializes in treating women who suffer from headaches of any kind, especially migraines, menopause, neck and jaw pain, upper body pains and stress-related medical issues.


My wife and daughter are some of her patients who have benefited from her treatments, which were successful.  As a husband and a father, I am grateful for the excellent care that Dr. Sue provided for my family.


Dr. Sue inspires confidence because of her extensive medical knowledge and willingness to spend as much time as necessary to unerstand her patients and their medical issues.  Consequently, she can render an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment regimen.  Equally impressive is her willingness to take the time to educate her patients so that they can participate in the entire treatment process.  


I believe these are the keys to her success and some of the many reasons she has earned the respect and confidence of her patients."


"Dr. Sue's healing hands are amazing.  Her technique and knowledge are outstanding.  All this and she is a wonderful person as well. I was in awe of her methods for diagnosis and the use of massage and herbs for healing. It's refreshing to know someone is well versed in their trade and can provide a level of service that is above and beyond."

REVIEWS: How Dr. Sue Helps Others


Finally! Dr. Sue is a wonderful 'total health' provider. I have a complicated medical history -and Dr. Sue is helping me with urgent needs like pain management thru acupuncture, Chinese herbs and so many  other treatments -another urgent was dealing with fatigue. Dr. Sue is amazing -like one-stop-shopping for many problems with the comforts of one doctor instead of several which creates stress and medical care chaos. Dr. Sue provides head-to-toe care, she's helped me with headaches and migraines - helping me with spinal problems - and even realigning my feet which have suffered bad surgeries.


I went to Dr Sue for two reasons. I was recovering from rotator cuff surgery and I desired to reduce my weight and improve my nutrition program. I believe that the acupuncture and massage therapy on my shoulder assisted in and reduced the time required for the healing process. I am an avid health club participant and frequently go 5-6 days per week. Even with all that activity I found it difficult to lose weight. I did not have a gross amount of weight to lose and found it very easy with her help. I have maintained my weight by following her program and nutrition program.


Dr. Sue is a wonderful professional. Her background in and passion for science and her love of acupuncture and Chinese herbalism combine to offer the best care a person can get. I have been treated by Dr. Sue for several issues. Not only have I received relief from pain and discomfort, but these issues are not recurring...Dr. Sue is truly a healer, not a band aid giver!

2024 Dr. J. Susanne Davis

The Lotus Center for Healing






62 N. Stapley Drive

Mesa, AZ 85203




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