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Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis

Let's Talk About You

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

Chiropractic Physician

The Lotus Center For Healing

Dr. Susanne Davis


My recommendations of products are personalized and supportive.

QUALITY : You deserve to be treated with quality care.

         Quality supplements and products are just as important.

Discover more about these products and quality care through a consultation,

appointment or special workshops and programs. Don't settle for low and no quality.

Rebalance and Restructure Your Frame!
Let Foot Levelers Lead You To Balance.

Whether you are a triathlon pro', in and out of your car doing sales calls all day, or standing on your feet in a court room, orthotics can have a powerful effect on your body structure to correct problems contributing to your pain.

What to do?

  • Have a Discovery Consult with Dr. Sue

  • Have a foot scan and a postural analysis

  • Get your orthotics to start on the path            to less pain and dysfunction.


Get Started

Rebalancing Your Life With Orthotics.

The Difference

Back pain, neck pain and headaches?  

Pain that radiates from your back into your legs?

Foot, knee or ankle pain?

Feet : The Foundation of Your Spinal Health


     We are anticipating

Our 2024 Spring/Summer Surprises ~ Finally! 


  • Community Acupuncture coming soon.

  • Personally done video's just specifically for you!

  • Chat times scheduling for you.

  • New Professional Products Made Available to You.

  • Professional CBD products for both you and your pooch ~ by request!

  • Full Allergy/Sensitivity Testing for You!

  • SIBO/Candida/Full Saliva Hormonal Panels for you.


   And more in  2024 as the health picture   

changes in our lives.

Be sure to check on our BLOG page for more

updated information.

Dr. Susanne Davis


Call Today & Schedule

A Private Discovery Consultation

62 N. Stapley Drive

Mesa, AZ  85203

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