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Merry Christmas! Time for transitioning..

I've been pondering this transition here for quite some time. This morning - Christmas morning - I was up earlier than usual. There are quite a few changes and additions coming in the first quarter of 2019 so why put it off any longer, get started. I will be here nearly every day - or be gone for a week or two. It will depend on what is pressing on my never-ceasing thought process.

I decided to change this blog from the standard 'Do this this way, don't to that that way see how wonderful you feel (even though you don't) format,' to one that is rebounded off my nearly a lifetime of

seeing healthcare through the eyes of a healthcare practitioner/paramedic/researcher/teacher/human being myself.

At times candid, direct from the heart and very personal -- at times common sense and direct logical science. Honest - and a little philosophical. Look for this blog more often, and please comment. Yes, I know, like you have nothing better to will simply allow you to expound.

Enough sermons and boring data. You can get that on Google. And if that lowers my SEO, so be it. 'Tired of trying to play some kind of unrequited love affair with Google and its 'Guess What I Want Today' games. By the way, I will be taking Facebook off my phone today. I've wasted enough of my time hurting my eyes, developing text neck, and carpal thumb while staring at that stuff. I will be checking in on my computer for FB.

You will get it from the eyes of someone who lives it and has lived it herself in many cases, holding my patients, friends, and self in the depths of my heart. I'm at an age where it is time to share with others, ageless observations and lessons. Perhaps it will give you insight as well, frustrate you, and even ire you into making changes for yourselves in ways that will change your lives for the better.

Must go walk the dogs now -- and have a VERY Merry Christmas! and many blessings of all sizes for your New Year.

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