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8 Tips to Avoid the Ugly Nasty Flu

Yep, it got me this year. 'Snuck up on me. The Doc who never gets sick. How could I help my clients and fail myself?? Argh!

My own lessons?

I cannot diagnose myself. As sick as I was there was no way I could process correct formulas, much less drive to the office to change them as my symptoms worsened. My bad. I need a health team too. Caught off-guard, I will be more prepared in the future.


  • Don't ignore early signs you are in trouble. If you are feeling excessively tired, chilled, or achy, get in to have your diagnosis and get your herbs.

  • Get plenty of rest. Cancel everything you can for 24 hours and rest. Peace, quiet, and good sleep.

  • If you do begin having progressing signs and symptoms, stay at home. Your immunity is compromised and you are open to other 'bugs' in your environment. Take your herbs, eat lightly, and rest.

  • Keep track of your temperature.

  • Ask for help. Keep in touch with me.Don't go it alone.

  • Decide what stressors you will eliminate from your life that may be causing you problems.Huge!

  • Should you get a flu shot? I've heard mixed reviews. I don't personally get them, but others who did get them still had illness. In spite of extensive medications, these medically treated folks didn't get well any faster than us 'natural' folks.

  • You may need to see your medical physician. Not everyone can handle a completely holistic regimen.

What have you done for your flu bug?

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