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Muggy Humidity Got You Scratching?

Each year for about 3 months we are exposed to something so amazing, so different, that it brings out the unspeakable to many of us.

It begins deep inside and floats silently ~ relentlessly ~ to the surface of our bodies. Summer Sweat. And along with it comes what we don't discuss - itching. In all the wrong places.

Under bra lines, underwear elastic, behind collars, knees, and under arms. Let's not forget what the guys call 'Jock itch.' I've seen some interesting itch spots in my years as a doc,' and just a few weeks ago someone texted me a pic' of one of these amazing things! I had to laugh because it was a suggestive area! I deleted it forthwith, of course, but continue to smile at today's technological capabilities!

That having been said, what do we do with this ITCHING?? What IS it anyway?

Yeast. Fungus. Dampness. A few bacteria. And unrelenting summer humidity.

Suggestions for you: STAY AS DRY AS POSSIBLE. If these means you have to carry an extra pair of panties and a clean bra, do it. CORN STARCH is an excellent and safe drying agent for your skin. Use it in your shoes, after your shower or bath, and dusting your bedding.

KEEP YOUR SKIN CLEAN. Shower daily. Use a natural body wash. Harsh soaps and washes wash away beneficial bacteria from your skin. Be sure to rinse shampoo and washes completely from your skin at the end of your shower.

MAKE A TEA TREE SOLUTION TO DAB ONTO AFFECTED AREAS. Use 5 or 6 drops of GOOD tea tree oil in a cup of water. Mix well to disperse oil. Use cotton balls to do the dabbing. Discard when done. Please don't re-use the cotton here. Allow the treated areas to dry before you apply clothes. Fans work great for this. Enjoy! Woo hoo!

WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING. This speaks for itself.

REDUCE/ELIMINATE AS MUCH SUGAR FROM YOUR DIET AS POSSIBLE. Often overlooked, what you are eating and drinking can 'feed' your yeast and fungal areas. Skin breathes too. Reduce dairy, alcohol, and processed foods. Eat lighter. Raw is not always better, so add steamed veggies and broths. Yes, it's summer, all you want is cold, raw, and something quick. Make the extra effort here, you will be surprised.

Any other ideas you have to calm the yeasty itchies? Wanna hear it. Help others with your hints!

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