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Dr. Susanne Davis

Chiropractic Physician

The Lotus Center For Healing

Women's Natural Health and Wellness

Let's Talk About You




Take control of your life with wonderfully

relaxing therapies that can help you to:

  • Reduce effects of stress, anxiety to RELAX and Release. 

  • Relieve tension and pain throughout the body.

  • Improve your immunity.

  • Get to the cause of health problems, not just treat symptoms.

  • Relieve tension and migraine headaches.

  • Relieve menstrual disorders, PMS (Cramps, mood swings, PCOS, irregular cycles).

  •  Peri-Menopausal Problems.

  • Menopause Problems (Hot flashes, brain fog, weight gain).

  • Regain and establish your healthier weight.

  • Holistic and Lifestyle Coaching to support you 100%.

  • Achieve weight loss and detox for better immunity.

  • Allergy testing for food and gluten sensitivities.

  • Establish gut and digestive re-balancing.

  • End emotional hormonal roller coasters, rage episodes and sugar binges.

  • Don't let these debilitating conditions wipe out weeks of time and dominate your life.

  • These problems are not in your head, they are real and can be overwhelming to handle alone.

  • These health problems often blend together.

  • Let's calm it down and bring peace to your life.

  • Walk with me to help guide you to find solutions for peace and wellness.

It Is Good To Meet You

  • I'm Dr. Sue Davis, and I have more than 46 years of experience in healthcare and science. An author, educator, and speaker, I have been in private practice in Arizona for 36 years and have dedicated my gentle therapies toward women's health.

  • It is my desire to reach out to you through my work with you, to help you reach the life you want.  It is possible.  While not always easy,  patience and commitment  lead us to our greatness.  

  • Together we talk about what is standing in your way of  enjoying life to the fullest. You may know something is not right, but not be able to zone in on what it is, and that can be frightening.  

  • Together we will choose what will work for you to get you to where you want to be.




Dr. Susanne Davis


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62 N. Stapley Drive

Mesa, AZ  85203

REVIEWS: How Dr. Sue Helps Others


"I suffered from irregular periods, heavy cramps and pain; migraines for ten years.  I was given birth control pills which did nothing.  I felt worse.  Dr. Sue got to the reason for my problem, and solved it. A friend suggested I see Dr. Sue because she had been helped by her care.  I now have regular cycles, fewer cramps, hardly ever a migraine and, with her help, I maintain better over-all health."


For More About How Dr. Sue Helps Others

Mark & Beth

"My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Sue for nearly two years.  We both wanted to lose weight and get healthy.  We have both had excellent results working with her. Dr. Sue's weight loss programs are tailored to the individual person and she leaves you with the tools to maintain your health and well-being. She is very caring, compassionate and is a great accountability partner.   We recommend her to anyone looking to get healthy."

2024 Dr. J. Susanne Davis

The Lotus Center for Healing




62 N. Stapley Drive

Mesa, AZ  85203





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